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              Mark W. Barry & Associates 

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The Law Office of 
Mark W. Barry & Associates

6 Lynde Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

Tel. 978-745-3574
Fax. 978-336-4660

After many years in the construction business, Mr. Barry returned to school to obtain a Masters of Education in Management and then went on to Law School. After law school, he began his practice as a Solo Practitioner where he took on small legal matters while working along side a very well known and experienced local attorney.  He worked along side this attorney for several years doing civil and criminal before he ventured out on his own. Attorney Barry's office has been in the same location in Salem, MA since 2005 where he is known throughout Essex County for his client advocacy and outstanding reputation.

Attorney Barry has been retained by civil practice attorneys to handle their clients' criminal trials and by criminal defense attorneys to handle their clients' civil trials. He continually gets clients through referrals from past clients as well as other lawyers.

Attorney Barry only accepts a limited number of clients so that each can get the individualized attention they deserve. He offers free initial consultations where you will have the opportunity to discuss your case and together you can determine how to proceed. He can also refer you to one of his associates or to other specialty attorneys if that is what is best for your defense.

Attorney Barry has successfully represented clients in both criminal cases and civil cases in Essex, Suffolk, Middlesex, Plymouth and Worcester Counties. If you want an attorney who will fight for your rights and give you the best possible defense call: The Law Office of Mark W. Barry and Associates.  

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